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Kangen Water Machine

Kangen 8

The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer The Kangen® 8 is Enagic®’s most powerful antioxidant machine – featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionization and increased antioxidant production potential.

Leveluk SD501

The SD501 is Enagic’s “Flagship” model because it provides additional stable oxygen and higher negative ORP levels. Like all 501 models, the SD501 uses innovative electrolysis technology with 7 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates.

Leveluk SD501

The Ultimate Home Use Model Introducing the BRAND NEW 5-Language SD501 Platinum! The all new Platinum features a revamped modern design that coordinates beautifully with today’s stylish kitchens.

Leveluk JRIV

The Junior Model The JRIV has four solid electrode plates, which reduces the energy consumption. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is considered one of Enagic’s “starter” models.

Why Kangen Water?

Not All water is created Equally

Unlike bottles or tap water, Kangen water has many uses. It has 5 main pH levels to handle all your needs from sanitation, washing the pesticide from fruit and vegetables, cleaning your body and face to help make it healthy and young, and is the best at hydration because of the micro clusters. 

Talk to me today about how I can get you the water system to help your family get healthier and bring balance back to your body.


Do you Know ?

Kangen water is the  ONLY Alkaline Ionized water that is Gold Sealed, which means that it is approved by the Water Quality Association to be the best water out there.

Gold Sealed certified


Water Technology

Since 1974, Enagic has been a pioneer and innovator in alkaline water ionization technologies. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic’s Kangen Water® systems enhance nature’s most vital life source, water, around the world.


Enagic International is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for best quality control and environmental management, to the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association.

Gold Sealed certified
Aqua blessing water quality certtified
enagic direct selling association member
Enagic quality certificates
Enagic quality Certification
Enagic ISO 13485 certified